Coaching programmes

    • Executive
    • Transition
    • Sustainability leadership

Coaching programmes or packages are tailored to your needs.

Coaching and behavioural change consultancy

Sustainability consultancy

    • Corporate responsibility and sustainability strategies and systems
    • Sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Process excellence consultancy

    • Lean / continuous improvement systems

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Pay As You Go coaching in London

Provides you with flexible access to an accredited coach. PAYG allows you to book a coaching session from the comfort of your home, in the office or on the go.

Only in London Zone 1+2

Pay As You Go Executive Coaching:

    • Currently available to book in London (zone 1+2) only
    • Format: one-to-one (face to face)
    • Place of coaching – usually your office, or other public space located within London Zone 1+2, which we agree upon successful booking
    • Duration of each session is 2 hours to make the most of the opportunity to initiate building mutual trust and progress towards your desired change
    • Coaching can be booked minimum 3 working days and maximum 40 days ahead.
    • Price of one session (2 hrs) is £400 + VAT


Pre-paid coaching sessions – Does your organisation offer coaching to your employees? Are you located in London Zone 1+2? Then why not prepay coaching sessions and let your staff to book online at a time convenient to them? Contact us for more details.