Personal & Organisational Development

Personal development is essential to achieve sustainability on a personal as well as organisational level.

Better Sage offers a holistic approach to personal and organisational development through processes of coaching, mentoring and consultancy.

Reach your next level of personal and organisational sustainability, and become the best you can be.






Accelerate your learning process to achieve new levels of leadership, mastery and well-being.


Navigate and achieve in a field, area, situation, process or skill with mentor’s guidance, experience and knowledge.

Organisational consultancy

Build sustainability into organisational direction through a positive behavioural change and process excellence.

All services are remotely delivered where possible, therefore available worldwide. I take advantage of audiovisual internet connected technologies to maximise value to clients yet minimise the environmental impact of the services.

Traditional face to face consultancy and service delivery are of course an option when desired by client.

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